From 1852 to 1962 Masonry in Whitby meant the story of Composite Lodge A.F. and A.M. No. 30, GRC. With the increasing number of members the desirability of a second lodge in Whitby became evident, and it was recommended to Grand Lodge that the necessary steps be taken to form a new Lodge. The David T. Campbell Lodge was instituted January 16th, 1962 with thirty-seven charter members. The important ceremony of Constitution and Consecration was held September 27th, 1962 under the direction of the Grand Master, M.Wor. Bro. R.W. Treleaven.

What is the significance of the name of this lodge? David T. Campbell was a native of Whitby who attended public and high school here, then moved to Chicago, where he attended university and where he lived until his death in 1955. His high regard for Freemasonry and his belief that in years to come he could depend on Composite Lodge to faithfully carry out his wishes led him to bequeath 30 percent of his estate in trust to this lodge, the interest there from to be used to assist deserving boys continue their education. The name of Brother Campbell will be perpetuated through the David T. Campbell Educational Assistance Fund and will have meaning to many people, particularly to the increasing number of citizens who have been or will be enabled to proceed to higher education on account of the interest and generosity of David. T. Campbell.

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